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Events > 2020 > February > Women's Bible Study

About this event:

Created by Cindy

This in home, 6-session evening study: the Five Solas, These truths alone is being held in the home of Sherrie Clark (contact the church for address and directions).  A study guide is provided; cost: $8

Sessions run 1-2 hours.  Refreshments are available. No childcare.

500 years ago the Reformation transformed Europe by the rediscovery of five key Bible truths. Summarized as the Five Solas, they set the church on a renewed path of faithfulness. Many Christians today are once more ignorant of the Five Solas. This Guide helps us rediscover these essential Reformation teachings and connect them to our faith today.

  • 1. Sola Scriptura: by Scripture alone
  • 2. Solus Christus: by Christ alone
  • 3. Sola Gratia: by grace alone
  • 4. Sola Fide: by faith alone
  • 5. Soli Deo Gloria: glory to God alone