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About this event:

Created by Cindy

This 14 session Bible study, Gospel Shaped Worship, will be held in the home of Neil Reazin (call/email the church for address and directions) every Wednesday evening for 60-90 minutes.  Study guides provided: $6

Gospel Shaped Worship (from the Gospel Shaped Church series of the Gospel Coalition)

Christians are people who have discovered that the one true object of our worship is the God who has revealed himself in and through Jesus Christ. For most believers, worship is what happens for an hour on Sunday morning as we sing and pray together. But the Bible reveals a much bigger vision for what worship really is and how it should shape our lives.

So what exactly is worship? What should we be doing when we meet together for “church” on Sundays? And how does that connect with what we do the rest of the week? As we search the scriptures together we will discover that true worship is more than this—it is to encompass the whole of life. This engaging and flexible resource will challenge us to worship God every day of the week, with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.